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Did you know that around 80% of 11 to 30-year-olds are affected by acne? Most acne breakouts in girls occur between the ages of 14 to 17, and in boys the condition is most common in 16 to 19- year-olds.

But most people will experience repeated episodes, or flare-ups, of acne for several years before finding that their symptoms gradually start to improve as they get older. The symptoms of acne usually disappear when a person is in their twenties.
However, in some cases, acne can continue into adult life, with approximately 5% of women and 1% of men over 25 continuing to experience symptoms.

The good news is that Acne is curable, and with the right approach, regimen, and routine its possible to clear acne in most cases.

So join us today, take part in our discussions, and share your acne improvements and experience.

Which Acne Treatment Works Best?

RankNameimageRatingMore Info
1Exposed Acne Treatment4.874.874.874.874.87
2ClearSkin Max55555
4ZenMed DermaCleanse00000

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